FRP’s Chief Operating Officer is Guest Speaker at Applied Systems Conference

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John Turner

FRP leadership knows that the insurance industry has been evolving into a tech-based business for the past few years. This is not to say the person-to-person, client-focused relationship is less important, it is more.

With customer demands increasing, the team at Foundation Risk Partners likes to stay ahead of the curve ball, and that means staying at the forefront with respect to providing innovative, data-proven, flexible solutions. This way FRP remains competitive, while protecting what matters most to clients and developing the best partnerships.

Recently, John Turner, FRP’s Chief Operating Officer, spoke to a large audience on the importance of remaining tech savvy in a fast-changing environment at the Applied Systems‘ National Sales Conference, January 29 to February 1, 2023, in Orlando. Other topics discussed were the efficiencies and profitability of sales processes using valued Applied Systems platforms.

John Turner and Jeff PurdyImage: Jeff Purdy, Applied Systems’ Chief Revenue Officer (left), and John Turner, FRP’s Chief Operating Officer (right), discuss the success of their partnership in front a sales team of approximately 300.