Five Reasons for a Business Partner to have a Buy-Sell Agreement

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What happens to a business when the owner is suddenly incapacitated or dies? A life-altering event could mean trouble for your business, family and employees. Business partners and their family members become stretched to solve problems during a crisis and could face significant financial burdens.

FRP’s National Life Practice Manager, Samantha Wickett, shared five “D” events that can trigger the need for a Buy/Sell Agreement: Death, Disability, Disagreement, Dissolution and Divorce.

Death – This event is funded by life insurance with a clearly defined plan of action.
Disability – This event is also funded by insurance and a time frame is determined to take action.
Disagreement – When a partner no longer wants to continue with the company or wishes to retire.
Dissolution: Neither partner wants to continue the business; steps to dissolve or sell are outlined.
Divorce – If a partner gets a divorce, a financial arrangement will protect the business.

“At FRP, we work closely with legal and financial professionals to assist business owners in drafting the best Buy/Sell Agreement,” said Samantha. “This way the agreement is tailored to their specific needs and circumstances by someone who understands tax implications.”

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