FRP’s 2023 Internship Program Wraps

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2023 FRP Interns

As July comes to an end, Foundation Risk Partner’s (FRP) eight-week Summer Internship Program hosted at the headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida, and at the Camden, New Jersey, office, is about to wrap. FRP leadership recognizes the value in attracting young professionals with multiple skillsets. By embracing their unique talents and experiences, FRP strengthens its ability to adapt, innovate and serve a broader customer base.

This summer, 17 interns from different hometowns and colleges, and differing majors and hobbies, dove into all aspects of insurance; some were new to insurance industry, and others had previous experience.

Both from Pennsylvania, Erin Wiley attends West Virginia University and majors in Public Relations; while David Daman attends Yeshiva University in NYC and majors in Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship. Mimi Watts hails from Raleigh, North Carolina and attends American University in D.C. majoring in Mathematics and Economics; and Jacob Folbaum, from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, majors in Finance at the University of Alabama.

Incoming Senior at Florida State University (FSU), Brennan Reyes from Tallahassee, hopes to go into a sales producer role after graduation. “Learning the sales process used by producers has been very interesting.” said Reyes, who majors in STEM Entrepreneurship. “I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in the US and learn the processes to maintain and cultivate effective growth.”

“I was looking for an internship program that would not only teach me about insurance, but also bring me out of my comfort zone,” said David Coultoff, a Risk Management & Insurance and Finance major at FSU from Orlando. “I find it fascinating that insurance is involved in everything, including the smallest circumstances. I intend on employing the knowledge I’ve gained from this internship into my professional career.”

Other students are in the earlier stages of their college education, and the FRP internship has provided them with a valuable opportunity, enabling them to gain clarity and a more informed perspective on their future career paths.

“We were all impressed by the talent within our 2023 Summer Intern group, both in the Southeast and Northeast, as well as in other regions where agency partners host summer work programs,” said Stephanie Pignataro, Vice President of Agency Operations in Daytona Beach. “Despite their diverse backgrounds, they have one thing in common – their intellectual curiosity. Given their appetite for knowledge, these interns picked the perfect organization for their internship. FRP is where insurance professionals come to be most successful as training and development are fundamental in our organization. We look forward to witnessing their future successes.”

Congratulations to intern Kyleigh Shipman from Daytona Beach, Florida, who will join the Daytona team this Monday as a newly hired Account Coordinator in FRP’s Commercial Lines Division.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or about to graduate, an FRP Internship program prepares young professionals with valuable tools for the next step. Once again, congratulations on being part of the FRP Team!